Audi Changes Its Naming Strategy


Audi is introducing a new naming strategy which is a little unusual…

Once upon a time when you bought an Audi it would fairly straightforward labelling. For instance, the badging might specify the car’s output in kilowatts along with TFSI or TDI, to let others know if it was petrol or diesel. Or it’d simply state TFSI or TDI. Fairly straightforward stuff.

However, Audi has gone a bit mad, because they’re rolling out a set of categories that group engine outputs together. For instance, if you bought an A4 with a 2.0 litre turbo petrol engine that produced 147kW it’d be badged 147TFSI or TFSI – to signify that it was turbo petrol. Diesels are generally badged TDI.

Someone in Audi’s senior marketing ranks has decided that these rather conventional naming systems are inferior. Instead they’re rolling out a power classification system.

The new naming strategy as is below:

30 = 81 – 91kW

35 = 110 – 120kW

40 = 125 – 150kW

45 = 169 – 185kW

50 = 210 – 230kW

55 = 245 – 275kW

60 = 320 – 340kW

70 = 400kW+

So that A4 would become A4 40 TFSI. We don’t get it either. The new badging will only apply to conventional models I.E A1 through to A8, along with the SUV and TT ranges. The sporty S and RS models will remain unchanged.

The first Audi model to bear the work of such genius thinking will be the all-new A8, and then it will be rolled out on other models in the Audi range.


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