Matt Calvitto

The founding father of The Motoring Guru, Matt has been a lifelong car enthusiast and a passionate writer. Back in 2013 when The Motoring Guru was first launched, Matt wanted to combine his two passions whilst offering readers sound motoring advice.

Future Teslas to have Built in Dash Cam with Sentry Mode

After market dash cams could be a thing of the past for Tesla owners thanks to Sentry Mode

Ford Ka Gets Barra Engine Swap to Create Barraka

Wild Barraka could make you Ka Ka 

Suzuki Jimny Australian Pricing and Specs Revealed

New Suzuki Jimny to be well specced when it lands in Oz

Toyota MR2 Returns…Maybe

Toyota and Subaru could be working on a mid-engined born-again Toyota MR2 replacement

Holden Acadia LTZ Review

Seven seat Holden Acadia LTZ impresses with space, performance and equipment. Could this be the car to put Holden back on the map?

Volkswagen and Ford to Join Forces

Volkswagen and Ford to team up and create vehicles together, including utes

Turbocharged Kia Cerato GT Announced

New Kia Cerato GT gets 1.6 litre turbo power, sharper handling and sporty styling

Toyota Supra Unveiled!

New Toyota Supra to arrive in October 2019 with turbo inline six power

Lexus LS500h F Sport Review

All-new Lexus LS500h F Sport a sumptuous, efficient and fun to drive limousine

Jeep Wrangler 6×6 Hellcat Surfaces

Could the Wrangler 6×6 Hellcat be the maddest off-roader ever?