David Burrell

David Burrell is the founder and editor of Retroautos.com.au, a free online classic cars magazine. David has a passion for cars and car design. He's also into speedway, which he's been writing about since 1981. His first car was a rusted-out 1961 Vauxhall Velox. Prior to starting the magazine, David worked as an international executive in a Fortune 500 company, in Australia, NZ, Asia, Latin America and the UK.

3D printing will revolutionise the car part business!

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Who really designed the first Holden ever, the Holden FX?

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How the Chevrolet Corvair helped elect George W Bush

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Sale of Opel to PSA now shrouds Commodore future with mystery

The incredible see-through Pontiac

Peekaboo ! This see-through 1939 Pontiac Deluxe Six is the real deal and it still exists, 78 years after it was first constructed.