Bill Buys

Bill Buys fell in love with cars at age 8, when he saw one of his relatives racing in a Bugatti in South Africa. He has driven, raced and/or rallied just about every vehicle from Autobianchi to Zundapp since he was first published in the UK’s Motor Sport magazine, in 1956. He is now probably Australia’s oldest (or, if you prefer, most experienced) motoring writer.

Uber UK Mandates Electric Cars from Late 2019

Uber UK has laid down the law – all Uber drivers operating in London from late 2019 onwards must have electric or hybrid cars.

Italian Grand Prix Wrap

Mercedes dominated at this year’s Italian Grand Prix…but there was a mightily impressive from Daniel Ric, too.

Audi VIN Bungle Under Investigation

Audi is under investigation yet again…this time for Audi VIN information

Belgian Grand Prix Wrap

It was all thrills and spills at this year’s Belgian Grand Prix

Porsche Customers Awarded Sunglasses

Court forces Porsche to Give Some American Owners Money for Sunglasses…really.

The 1946 Chevy Pick Up with a Toyota Prius Drivetrain

Most modded classic cars have a ginormous V8 under the bonnet. Not this 1946 Chevy Pick Up

Red Automotive Surging Ahead with Plans to Make Electric Cars

Australia could be producing its own electric car if Red Automotive technologies has its way

Hungarian Grand Prix Wrap

The Hungarian Grand Prix was thrills, spills and one very angry Daniel Ricciardo

Mexican-Made Ford Fusions Packed with Weed

Some Ford Fusion (Mondeo) customers might find quite the surprise in the boot of their new car

British Grand Prix Wrap

There was no shortage of drama at this year’s British Grand Prix at Silverstone