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The Cost of A Dick Johnson V8 Supercar in 1997

It cost around $250,000 to build a Dick Johnson Racing Ford Falcon V8 Supercar in 1997

Dodge Challenger Hellcat Rips One Massive Burnout

Dodge Challenger Hellcat does one hell of a burnout

Hyundai i30 N Tackles Mount Panorama

Prototype Hyundai i30 N put through its paces on Mount Panorama to test MoTec compatibility 


 The Holden EH was the best priced six-cylinder sedan in Australia at the time

THROWBACK AD: Ford Courier (1999)

The Ford Courier could bring the pub to the beer

Watch Jeremy Clarkson Drive One of Wildest Cars of Today

The one and only Jeremy Clarkson decided to take one of the coolest and best-performing cars in the world, the Aston Martin Vulcan for a spin in Amazon’s Grand Tour

BMW Starts the New BMW M8!

BMW gives us a taste of the new BMW M8’s exhaust note. And it’s oh so very angry

The 1000hp Ford Territory Turbo

One bloke has taken a stock Ford Territory Ghia Turbo and tuned it so it has 1000hp…and is still used as a daily driver!

The Evolution of the Legendary Porsche 911

Porsche has reminded us of the legendary Porsche 911 and the changes that were introduced with each successive generation.

THROWBACK AD: Mitsubishi Magna Sports (1998)

Mitsubishi Magna Sports was introduced to spice up the Magna range. It was so spicy it could even help you pick up the opposite sex…