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BMW M4 Pure front

BMW Announces BMW M3 and M4 Pure Models

Higher powered and more affordable M3 Pure and M4 models are additions to the 2017 BMW M3 and M4 range

bmw mille

BMW Competes in Tough Mille Miglia Race

BMW puts its classics to the test in historic race

BMW M5 M xDrive

New BMW M5 gets All-Wheel Drive

Next generation BMW M5 to be powered by twin-turbo V8 and will be fitted with the brand’s M xDrive four-wheel drive system

BMW 8 Series

BMW 8 Series Returns

BMW 8 Series to Return in 2018 after almost 20 years

MINI Seven special edition

Get your limited edition Mini Seven

BMW has introduced a limited edition Mini Seven. Available across all Mini three- and five-door variants, the Australian-exclusive Seven edition adds $5000 worth of...


BMW Reveals M4 CS

BMW M4 CS acts as a happy medium between standard M4 and the track ready M4 GTS monster